BRN (BITC), TKO and RAL Working Together!
02 July 2020

Joey Tabone from Business in the Community, David Goodfellow from The Kindness Offensive and George Cook from Relief Aid Logistics at Coutts bank where they are busy packing Lush bath bombs (with Ruby Wax!) for distribution in London.

Over the last couple of months The Kindness Offensive and Relief Aid Logistics have been working together, improving the lives of key workers and vulnerable people across the UK. Now, with the help of the national Business Response Network, which is a Business in the Community initiative, they hope to reach even more people than ever before. Here's to working together to make our world a better, happier place!

We at Relief Aid Logistics would like to give a big thank you to Coutts Bank and the Business Response Network (BITC), The Kindness Offensive and, of course, Lush for their generous donation of bath bombs.

136 Lush Gift sets Donated to Ellenor Hospice
15 June 2020

Relief Aid Logistics, The Kindness Offensive and Lush have teamed up to reward 60 staff at Ellenor Hospice, in Kent, with Lush gift sets.

A further 76 gift sets were donated for children under the care of the hospice, along with their siblings; the complex needs of the children can make finding activities with an element of sensory stimulus difficult and the hospice is constantly looking for new ways to help them play, have fun and explore. To this end, Ellenor Hospice have been putting together activity packs and requested a further donation of Lush Bath bombs as they present an amazing opportunity for sensory exploration. We were more than happy to oblige!

We would like to send a heartfelt thank you to Lush Cosmetics and The Kindness Offensive for giving us the privilege of distributing this generous donation.

Ellenor Hospice provide hospice care and support to families facing terminal illness in Kent, they provide hospice care for people of all ages. For more information visit their website.

150 Lush Gift sets Donated to St Christopher's Hospice
10 June 2020

We were delighted to deliver 150 Lush bath bomb gifts sets to St Christopher’s Hospice for their devoted staff to enjoy a little bit of “me time”. A big thank you to Lush Cosmetics and The Kindness Offensive for giving us the privilege of distributing this donation.

St Christopher's Hospice was founded in 1967 by Dame Cicely Saunders, the first patient was admitted on 13 July 1967 and the official opening followed shortly after on 24 July 1967. It was founded with a focus on the development and dissemination of effective practices, pioneering a holistic approach caring for patients physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing.

Today, St Christopher's Hospice provides hospice care for over 7,500 people across 5 boroughs in London. They have 572 staff and 1,350 volunteers. For more information visit their website.

Lush Gift Sets Donated to Demelza Hospice Sittingbourne
09 June 2020

Relief Aid Logistics, The Kindness Offensive and Lush have teamed up to reward staff at Demelza Hospice, Sittingbourne, with Lush gift sets.

Demelza Kent provides professional, specialist, one-to-one care and support and access to life-enhancing facilities for babies, children and young people up to the age of 19.

We would like to send a heartfelt thank you to Lush Cosmetics and The Kindness Offensive for giving us the privilege of distributing this generous donation.

Demelza is named after Demelza Phillips, the daughter of Derek and Jennifer Phillips, she died tragically from a brain tumour at the age of 24. Demelza had worked at a Children's Hospice in Birmingham her involvement led her parents to establish a children's hospice in the South East of England. In 1994 Derek and Jennifer set up a charity and campaigned tirelessly until, finally, in 1998 the hospice was opened in Sittingbourne, Kent. To learn more visit their website.

120 Lush Gift Sets Donated to Hengist Field Care Home
09 June 2020

Following the donation of bath bombs from Lush Cosmetics and The Kindness Offensive, Relief Aid Logistics have been organising yet more deliveries; this time to Hengist Field Care home for their excellent and hard-working staff.

Hengist Field is a purpose-built centre caring for those who need nursing or specialist dementia care, short term rehabilitation or respite stays. Their facility has 75 bedrooms, a cinema, a hair salon and an orangery! More information can be found on their website.

TKO & RAL Donate 170 Lush Gift Sets to HoK Hospice
08 June 2020

Following an amazing donation of Lush bath bombs from The Kindness Offensive, we have been very busy organising the delivery of these to local hospices.

We were delighted to deliver 170 Lush bath bomb gifts sets to Heart of Kent Hospice for their devoted staff to enjoy a little bit of “me time”.

We would like to give a massive thank you to The Kindness Offensive and Lush Cosmetics for giving us the privilege of distributing this generous donation.

More Freezers from Iceland Donated to Food Banks
08 June 2020

Following a generous donation of freezers from Iceland, Relief Aid Logistics along with Business in the Community have been busy organising deliveries throughout the country.

We love supporting our local area and were very pleased to deliver a freezer and £50 food voucher to The East Malling Centre for their community larder. We also made another local freezer donation, this time to the wonderful, FareShare Kent; we delivered two freezers and two £50 food vouchers to their Ashford depot.

Paul Underdown, Operations Manager at FareShare Kent & Family Food Bank said:

At Fareshare Kent we are currently serving 208 charities and delivering enough food to create 80,000 meals a week to those at risk of hunger in what has proved to be a difficult period for families and individuals alike. The recent freezer donations as kindly received from the Relief Aid Organisation have now been passed onto several of the charities we work with, which in turn has enabled these charities to further increase the volume of food they are able to accept for distribution to those people most in need.
Iceland Donate 30 Freezers, RAL & BITC Find Beneficiaries
18 May 2020
Cryenians recieving delivery of the first freezer Cryenians recieving delivery of the first freezer

Iceland very generously donated over 30 chest freezers for distribution to foodbanks throughout the UK to use during the Coronavirus pandemic, when so many elderly and people are in dire need. Iceland have also thoughtfully donated a £50 universal food voucher to each foodbank to help fill their new freezer.

Relief Aid Logistics are pleased to have worked together with Business in the Community to find foodbanks and organise the deliveries, all of which were kindly made by Brakes - free of charge. This project has been hugely motivational, and we would like to say a big thank you to all who have been involved. Particular thanks go to all foodbank staff and volunteers, who work with such selfless determination and dedication to provide food for those who are not so fortunate.

The first freezer was delivered to Cyrenians in Edinburgh, and Craig Buchan, Depot Operations Supervisor, his staff and volunteers said:

Ice to see you to see you Ice! Massive thank you to Iceland for the extremely kind donation of a chest fridge, especially on such a sunny day in Leith. This will help our partner charities store more chilled meals that will go out to the people who need it most during this pandemic. Also a huge thanks to Business in the Community and Relief Aid Logistics for organising, and Brakes for making the delivery.
Relief Aid Logistics Donates PPE to East Kent Mencap
01 May 2020
Image of Jessice Norman, RAL trustee handing over PPE to East Mencap CEO, Jason Gerlack Image of Jessice Norman, RAL trustee handing over PPE to East Mencap CEO, Jason Gerlack

Following an urgent appeal for PPE equipment, Relief Aid Logistics donated 500 surgical masks to East Kent Mencap at their Ramsgate Day Resource Centre.

Jessica Norman, Trustee of Relief Aid Logistics, said:

We are so pleased to be able to provide East Kent Mencap with this donation. PPE equipment is vital in enabling them to continue to support their members safely. If there are any local businesses in East Kent with supplies they’re not using, please get in touch and help them continue their incredible work.

Jason Gerlack, CEO of East Kent Mencap, said:

On behalf of everyone at East Kent Mencap I would like to thank Relief Aid Logistics for their very kind donation, it could not have come at a better time as our stock of PPE has become worryingly depleted. Their support is a great kindness which will help us to safely sustain our care and support to our Members.

East Kent Mencap are still in desperate need of PPE equipment. You can view the details of their appeal here.

To offer your help
please call:
01843 224482 x570
or email:

Help us help other vital charities!

Foodbank Appeal Success
24 April 2020
Image of An Arch Company property Image of the inside of an Arch Company property Image of Another Arch Company property Image of the inside of Another Arch Company property

Estates Gazette ran an appeal for warehousing and transhipment space for foodbanks in its weekly magazine and also on its web site, at the request of Relief Aid Logistics.

The Arch Co responded and generously offered FareShare foodbanks the use of two railway arches in Deptford, London, which are now being used to store and supply donations of vital food supplies to Deptford’s elderly and vulnerable residents. All parties are still working together to assist other charities across the UK.

George Cook, CEO of Relief Aid Logistics said:

We are hugely grateful to Estates Gazette for making the need of transhipment space known, for the Arch Co responding with incredible generosity and FareShare for their wonderful work supplying the vulnerable.

Quote from Kris Gibbon-Walsh Head of Network and Operations at FareShare:

We’re doing everything we can to step up our emergency response so frontline charities have the vital food supplies they need to feed those who are most vulnerable. This additional space means we’ll be able to get more food out to people at risk of going hungry during this crisis, and we’re extremely grateful to Arch Company, Relief Aid and Estates Gazette for their support.

The Arch Company Managing Director Adam Dakin said:

We’re delighted to help the community effort against Coronavirus in whatever small way we can. If other charities or community organisations could use one of our unoccupied arches to help with the current crisis, they should get in touch and we will see if we can help.

Estates Gazette Publisher Damian Wild said:

We’ve seen the real estate industry step up during this crisis and when Relief Aid Logistics asked for our help, EG was delighted to do so. We knew landlords would want to help, nevertheless the speed with which the Arch Company responded was fantastic.

Foodbank Appeal for Storage Space:

Landlords, do you have an empty warehouse or industrial unit we can use?

We are seeking emergency warehouses and storage space for charities and food banks.

Industrial/warehouse space of between 5,000 and 40,000 sq ft is required in the following 5 postcodes:

Many supermarkets and other suppliers are donating large quantities of food with Red Cross and NHS Volunteers primed to make the deliveries.

However there is a shortage of storage facilities to help make this happen. Ambient, chilled and freezer facilities are all urgently required.

We are looking for space, for advice and for donations to ensure we can feed elderly and other vulnerable people during this crisis.

We are working with FareShare and other charities and are ready to deliver supplies using vetted and screened volunteers. The missing piece is ready-to-go transhipment facilities where bulk contributions can be received and broken down into small parcels for delivery.

Air Drop Box

AirDropBox Ltd, a subsidiary of Relief Aid Logistics, was created to develop a safe, cheap and biodegradable direct supply method for use in humanitarian aid and general logistics.

The high cost of air delivery systems has long been a challenge to logisticians and humanitarian aid organisations. AirDropBox has overcome those challenges.

Through careful selection, material development, and a lot of testing we have created a system that is constructed almost entirely from biodegradable materials (91.4% by weight per system) and it can be prepared for flight by anyone in under 6 minutes meaning that not only are we reducing the cost and complexity of supplying goods by air, we are significantly reducing the environmental impact associated with air dropping supplies and essential equipment.
Air Drop Boxes about to be loaded onto a plane Air Drop Box, parachute fully open Air Drop Boxes falling in a row Air Drop Box falling


Sarajevo water line

During the Bosnian War, from April 1992 to December 1995, many small charities sent emergency supplies in small vehicles at a high cost per kg delivered. We had the simple idea of hiring a blank 40' artic truck and keeping a badge for each of 20 charities in the glove box. Photos of 'Our man in Bosnia' delivering their aid while wearing their badge were sent back to all 20 charities for their donors and supporters’ feedback and encouragement, and transport costs were reduced to 1/4.

During the Balkan conflict Larry Hollingworth CBE, the Chief of Operations in Bosnia for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), was regularly on TV; he personally led convoys to besieged towns through active combat front lines with some of our charity partner’s supplies, to feed the population and evacuate women and children to safety. After doing this informally for a while we eventually founded a charity called ‘Relief Aid Logistics’ on 5th December 1994, which continued our work of providing transport for small NGOs.

UN Holds head

After the Bosnia conflict we focused on the developing world and enjoyed some wonderful partnerships with charities like ‘Faith in Action’, a husband and wife team in Crawley, Sussex. Working with church groups all over the UK, Martin and Sally Jeffree send beautifully cleaned, ironed and wrapped clothes and lovingly refurbished school equipment and consumables to Africa.


Gerald Ackroyd

Jonathan Cook

Jessica Norman

Our Charitable Objectives:

For or towards the general benefit of the public in such manner as may be charitable and in particular but not so as to limit the generalities of the foregoing to provide suitable buildings primarily in the United Kingdom for the provision of standby warehouse and transhipment facilities for the collection storage and onward delivery of relief supplies by relief charities and subject to such changes as the trustees shall from time to time determine.

And, in particular but not so as to limit the generalities of the foregoing to provide suitable buildings primarily in the United Kingdom for the provision of standby premises facilities and services to protect the public in the event of a disaster or emergency subject to such charges as the trustees shall in their absolute discretion determine.